Bausele Watches 2014 Collection

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Bausele - Beyond AUStralian ELEments was created in Australia using Suisse expertise and Australian inspiration.

The concept of Bausele was born during an early morning trip to the beach.

It could have been any Australian beach that encircles this vast inland continent.

One where early morning surfers, fishermen, sailors, runners, paddlers, walkers and watchers are enjoying the great seashore bays, harbors and marinas.

On a hazy morning in a dreamy, creative ocean state the idea was born from simple observation.

As the cool neutral sand caressed my feet, and my hands picked up a large loose clump of hard jet-black coal washed crystal clean by the dancing surf I saw that the coal had fallen from the seam in the sea cliff and above it my eyes were warmly soothed by the exposed layer of dry red earth.

This was my inspiration, my home by the sea, my Bausele.

Christophe Hoppe - Bausele Founder


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